Getting started


  • Python 3.7+ (however 3.6 should work too)


Frostmark is distributed as a Python package on PyPI and on GitHub as a source release with packages included. You can install multiple versions:

  • CLI
  • React GUI

The CLI version is the basic building stone and should work just fine for quick listing or pulling and exporting the bookmarks from the browsers into some common format. While you can use advanced options for editing bookmarks, folders and their relationships, using the React GUI option is prettier.

You can install the CLI with:

pip install frostmark

For the React GUI version you need to specify an additional flag for pip to install even the GUI dependencies:

pip install frostmark[gui_react]

For installing from files (.tar.gz or .whl) you need to adjust the name a little bit:

# archive
pip install frostmark.tar.gz
pip install frostmark.tar.gz[gui_react]

# wheel package
pip install frostmark.whl
pip install frostmark.whl[gui_react]


After the successful installation you are provided with multiple options for accessing the program:

  • From Python as a module:

    # module help
    python -m frostmark
    python -m frostmark --help
    # CLI & CLI help
    python -m frostmark console
    python -m frostmark console --help
    # GUI & GUI help
    python -m frostmark gui
    python -m frostmark gui --help
  • By specific commands provided by frostmark to the OS:

    # CLI & CLI help
    fmcli --help
    # GUI & GUI help
    fmgui --help